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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in classes at SNACK? Everything you'll need to know is covered in the sections below. If you still can't find what you're looking for, send an email to or give us a call at 212-439-9996.

My child does not have autism but has special needs, can they still participate in SNACK* programs?

Although a majority of the children that participate in our SNACK* program are on the Spectrum, SNACK* services are not limited to children with a diagnosis of ASD. We welcome children of all abilities.


Do you provide transportation? 

We do not provide transportation, however, we do offer that our site can be determined as an alternate drop off site for our Thursday and Friday snacktivites session through the OFFICE of PUPIL TRANSPORTATION (OPT). Once you decide to sign up for one of these sessions, we can sign to receive your child on that day and a staff person will meet them.


Do you offer 5 days a week after-school?

We offer a variety of programming Tuesday through Sunday. We are not a traditional after school program as many of our children receive related services after school on certain days.


With regard to SNACK*tivities program – is it a drop off program?

Caregivers are welcome to stay but most are comfortable dropping off.


What are the ages and functioning level of the children in the group?

Children within the snacktivities and Soccer Sports Programs are grouped via chronological age ranges/size/level of functioning.  In each group, functioning levels do vary.  Those that are able are made leaders and peer models, which helps to raise self-esteem. This is why a trial class is so important – families can decide if the program, group is right for their child, not the other way around.


My child isn't toilet trained...

Children attending the SNACK* programs are given the opportunity to use the restroom during every transition (30 minutes interval). Individualized toileting schedules are honored and followed here at SNACK*.  Another feature that we feel makes us unique.


Are SNACK* Program fees covered by the Medicaid waiver? 

SNACK* programs are not covered under the Medicaid waiver but so glad you have one!  Our families have been successful at getting fees reimbursed under Reimbursement Programs that may reimburse them for fees incurred from SNACK*.  This listing is published yearly in the Directory of Family Support Services published by the Family Support Services Committee of the Manhattan Developmental Disabilities Council. This directory lists other services as well and can be accessed by visiting


Manhattan Developmental Disabilities



What happens during snacktivities?

The goal of snacktivities is to give kids a chance to practice social skills, usually one of their greatest deficits, in a friendly environment set up for their success.  There are four (4), thirty-minute segments designed to address sensory issues, behavior issues, promote language, and just be fun!  The average session is usually comprised of ART, MUSIC, either LUNCH or SNACKTIME (time of day depending) and a rotating 4th segment of a MOVEMENT ACTIVITY, exercise, yoga, sports, or obstacle course.

How old does my child need to be to enroll?

SNACK* encourages families to try our programs around 3-4 years of age in order to promote social skills and get the family into the community of those with similar needs.


Why do you offer programs for older kids/teens?

SNACK* recognizes the long term realities of our families.


Do I need to sign up for the whole semester/full days?

SNACK* offers ongoing enrollment – you can sign up once a semester has begun and fees are pro-rated by the date of enrollment.  We understand the busy calendars we all have.  We just ask families to understand that regular attendance not only helps in a child's development, but also makes life easier for our staff when juggling the needs of all of our students in the program.


Are siblings welcome?

SNACK* always encourages family participation.  We know that seeing the interactions we have during classtime reinforces positive behavior and acceptance at home. Joey's brother, Andrew, has grown up with us and so have his friends.


Do you do testing?

No, SNACK* does not test children for autism, but we understand the reality of being faced with this diagnoses.


Do you accept children out of Manhattan?

SNACK* welcomes children from all five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey.  We are conveniently located on East 53rd Street and can be easily accessed by public or private transportation.


Who's on your staff?

SNACK* is a combination of special needs experts and volunteers pulled from the melting pot that is New York City.


Do you offer financial assistance?

SNACK* is a fees based program. The fees charged do not reflect the cost that is incurred to maintain the quality of the program.  We pride ourselves on our small group size, high ratio of paid staff to participants, and our wonderful behavior therapists and program leads.   However, if a family expresses the concern that they cannot cover the current fees we do our best to help and this is done on a case-by-case basis.  See question 1.


Can I set up a payment plan?

We are more than willing to discuss payment plan options with our families.


Can my child come with a SEIT or caregiver?

SEITs are welcome during our snacktivities Program. During this time they can work on generalizing skills.


My child needs wheel chair access – are you equipped to handle this?

Yes our facility has an elevator as well as an ADA compliant bathroom.


With regard to swim lessons – do I need to get in the water with my child?

Our private swim lessons are 1:1 with instructor so you do not have to get in the water with your child.

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