Join Us as SNACK* Models Walk The Red Carpet Fashion Show

Featuring Adaptive Styles by Independence Day Clothing

Thanks to everyone who could

make it to the Fashion Show!

SNACK* Mother's Day Boutique!

Fabulous gift items for Mother's Day, and pick up

a few things for yourself too!


Light Refreshments Provided


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Ian Aquino

Shoen Assis

Geri Avilai

Yianni Batalias

George Billson

Ava Blyn

Noah Buhler

Joe Ceonzo

Aiden Del Aguila

Harry George 

Greenlee Gutterman

Ian Gutterman

William Hamilton

Julia Kaminsky

Noko Kurusu

Maxi Lupa

Simon Portelli

Leo Salinas

Allan Sanchez

Dylan Singer

Dusty Sweeney

Jordan Torres

Justin Torres

Julio A Vega


Mother's Day Boutique


Thank you to our Mother's Day Boutique Vendors!

Independence Day Clothing

Adaptive clothing for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults

Clothing by Daniel

 Clothing by Daniel is a brand that celebrates creativity and innovation. Founder, Dan Hurwitz, expresses his passions by creating fashion forward wearable works of art.

Endeavor Athletic Wear

Sophisticated Workout Clothes for the Modern Athlete


Kuo Ting Jewelry by Debbie Kuo

Vintage Meets Modern/One-of-a-Kind Pieces/Amazing Prices


Marie Atelier Handbags

High Quality/Special Collection/Handmade in Brazil



Coffee, Student Art Scarves & Gear

All inventory, labeling, & packaging are handled by our wonderful group of 

SNACK* 21+ members. ..Where Independence is the Goal -

Everybody Works!

Your Orders Will Help Keep Our Workers Productive!



Gluten & Nut Free Granola

Produced by Young Adults with Autism


Invictus Enterprises

Sweet Potato, All Natural Dog Biscuits,

Hand Made by Young People of all Abilities


Village Health Works

Items Produced in Burundi Supporting Quality Health Care and

Education for the Community  

The Otto Specht School

Offers Waldorf Education and hands-on learning for children and young adults with learning challenges and developmental delays. They will be selling student-made items featuring ingredients from our farm.


Here's a great opportunity to do some of your Mother's Day 

shopping and lend your support to SNACK*!