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Holiday Program

Our Holiday Programs are held when schools are closed. Parents also have the option to enroll for half days. Our fun-filled days are packed with classes and opportunities for socialization with a 2:1 class ratio (two participants per instructor). Classes include music, art, drama, dance, movement and sports. Parents will supply lunch. Snacks will be provided and special diets will be honored.  At SNACK*, children of ALL abilities are welcome including those with no diagnosis. ALL SNACK* activities are open to the general public.



Emphasizes collaborative theme-based projects, focuses participants on appropriate use of different media, hones fine motor skills, allowing participants to take pride in the finished project.

Old favorites, as well as songs written just for SNACK*, focuses participants on playing instruments, group singing, following directions, enhancing gross motor skills through movement and increasing interpersonal skills.


Participants are guided through obstacle courses, challenges with weights and ropes, and use of exercise equipment with a goal of eventual independence with these skills.


This class is designed to increase and maintain everyday living skills.  Nutrition, proper use of utensils, recipe following, table manners, hygiene, and the opportunity to try new things will occur.  Special diets will be honored. 


Participants will develop a sense of comfort while learning to combine poses into patterns focusing on proper body alignment, self-awareness, and thankfulness.

Sample Daily Schedule

9:00-10:00 Fitness OR Music

10:00-11:00 Music OR Fitness

11:00-12:00 Art OR Cooking/Food Prep

12:00-1:00 Cooking/Food Prep OR Art

1:00-2:00 Music OR Yoga

2:00-3:00 Yoga OR Music

*any scheduled community outings will be in

addition to our regularly scheduled classes  


$330/ per day

$180/ half day

Before Care 8:30AM - 9AM: $15

After-Care 3PM - 6PM: $25/hour

*Please note: SNACK* is not an OPWDD provider

agency at this time.

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