In July, Joey began the next chapter of his life at SNACK21+.

We have always believed that everyone deserves to have the same opportunities available to typically developing kids, teens, and young adults in a welcoming environment where they can experience fun, make friends, improve skills, gain a sense of accomplishment, work, become more independent and be safe. Thanks to you, Joey and his friends have been able to do so for the past 13 years and now are transitioning to their new schedules beautifully.


It was so scary to see what was offered as programming for Joey - how professionals could think that he could transition on June 30 from a one to one supervised schedule to July 1 to a program where most of the day is spent in the community with a ratio of 3 young adults to one staff.   We are forever grateful that Joey has quality programming available with great staff who love him -thanks to all of you who have made this possible.   This July we started with 9 young adults and the videos and photos can show you how rich their days are - some folks want to pull their kids early from school to ensure they get a spot.


The fact remains providing quality, year-round services to the growing and aging population of kids SNACK serves is costly to run and our staff, the best part of our program, deserves to make a decent hourly rate. 


I feel very much as I did when we began this journey - shocked at how little quality programming is available for kids like Joey - grateful for the financial support and faith all of you have had to help us answer this problem not only for our own son but for so many others.   Please give what you can and share with others who may help - these snack stories should spread to give hope to others and to see what can be done when people help.


Thanks for always helping and please make this the best year yet!