Liz's Birthday

As I celebrate my 50th birthday, I look back on all the things that have molded me into the person who I am today. Among the many contributing factors, my time at SNACK has had the most impact. I've been at SNACK from the very beginning and it is no longer a place where I work, rather, it is my home. Considering that my years here have made up about thirty percent of my life, I can confidently say that my best memories and life experiences are attributed to this organization. In addition to celebrating my 50th birthday, this marks the 15th year since SNACK was founded. SNACK programs allow children and adults with special needs to develop and strengthen everyday skills, in hopes of guiding them towards successful lives.

I am truly passionate about this organization because it constantly provides me with the most gratifying feelings. Seeing the improvements and accomplishments of the families that attend our programs is unlike any other experience one could face. That being said, in lieu of gifts, I’m asking that you consider donating to SNACK in order raise money for this organization which is so near and dear to me. My goal is to make sure that these programs continue, likewise, I would also like to see this organization expand. These children deserve the programs that SNACK provides, so anything that can help in continuing the results that SNACK receives is the best gift I could ever ask for. Again, I thank you all for celebrating this milestone with me, and I hope you all consider donating to this incredible organization.