Working at SNACK means being a family.  It is a place where every child is welcomed and accepted with open arms.  It is made up of a community of staff members who are able to have a direct effect on the quality of life of the children that SNACK serves – every day!  Many of us come to SNACK at different stages in our lives, but at the end of the day we are impacted all the same – by doing such good work for these kids, teens, and adults with special needs.

Testimonials from some of the SNACK* Staff!

"It's so great seeing our kids come to different programs like Swim and Musical Theater because you get to see a completely different side of them. They have all of these hidden talents that only come out when you challenge them with new activities. We've got an incredibly well rounded team here at SNACK and I'm so happy to be a part of it."            

 - Gray, Music Therapist and Swim Instructor/Coordinator

Working at SNACK has been one of my biggest blessings.  To see the joy on the kids faces when they arrive to a soccer class or seeing them dance in  music segment is one of the reasons why I consistently come to work at SNACK.  SNACK is more than just a workplace, it is my second home, it is a place where I can help children in need strive to be better.    

 - Ricardo, Program Supervisor - SNACKtivities, Sports & Teen programming

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8!  Wow, 8 years when I became part of the greatest team in work world history. Now 8 years later I look back at all the love, support and snack*moments I've experienced and say to myself that I didn't just find a job but I found a family. I pretty much grew up with the teens that are now young adults and I have a unique bond with each of them."

 -  Patrick, Asst. Program Supervisor - SNACKtivities, Sports & Teen programming

"Ever since I started working at SNACK, it's become the highlight of my week! It's a fun, warm atmosphere where every member of the SNACK team truly cares for and wants the best for the kids. I love bringing music each week and watching the kids and staff interact with singing, dancing, playing -- it's impossible to not leave smiling!"                 

 - Hannah, Music Therapist

"I've been working with children with disabilities for 4 years now and I've come to realize that it's all about the team that you surround yourself with to be able to make a difference. When I started with SNACK less than a year ago, I instantly knew that this was THE program to embody that sentiment. It means the world to me knowing I can continue making a difference in these kids' lives and share that experience with everyone here."    

 - Shaun B. - Sports Coach

"Working at SNACK has been a privilege. My 10 years working at SNACK swim has taught me the value of children on the spectrum learning how to swim.  It gives me great gratitude to teach a lifesaving skill to the ones who need it the most."

-Nicholas Dunkley

"When I got hired to start the 21+ program, I never imagined how rewarding it was going to be. It is a wonderful job to be able to work with parents, staff, and the members of the program. Every day there is a different challenge, and we work on it like a new opportunity to learn and grow as a team. Since working here, I have embarked on multiple projects outside of my job description which SNACK has not only encouraged but helped me achieve!"

-Maria Garcia

"To me SNACK is more than just a workplace, it's an extended family. I look forward to the weekends as I'm able to see all the kids in their happy place, having fun, interacting with others, and learning. Being able to be part of their personal growth and development, now that's a true blessing. To be able to be part of such a fantastic organization with a purpose and a supportive team has been the best opportunity I was ever given. Coming to Snack will always be a priority to me and the highlight of my week. Each and every one of the kids has made coming here worthwhile and fun all wrapped in one. =)" 

-Eddie Sabio

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Working at SNACK is just one way that we are able to give back our time and commitment to such a special program – but now we need your help to keep SNACK going and growing!

For 14 years now, SNACK has been providing unique programming for children, teens and young adults with autism and other special needs.  Because SNACK does not turn anyone away for any reason – including families in need of financial assistance, SNACK is always in need of more funding.  Please help us in supporting this important program that we as staff members are privileged to be a part of and hope to continue serving our kids and their families for many more years.   

Any donation, no matter the amount, will help make a difference!

With Love & Thanks - From all the SNACK* Staff!

SNACK & Friends, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization; your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.