At SNACK*, we grow as our kids do, continuing to provide Fun, Friends, and Hope for all ages. All classes are designed to supplement an individual’s weekly schedule. 

 Snacktivities classes are structured so that individuals of all abilities are able to participate. Each class is led by an instructor trained in that particular discipline.​

Independence is the ultimate goal of all SNACK* classes.

Our new 1:1 member to staff ratio gives everyone the chance to receive the individual attention they need to succeed while also ensuring that all safety and social distancing guidelines are followed. Members will participate in a combination of in-person and group virtual classes that include but are not limited to music, art, exercise, yoga, dance, and cooking. Snacks will be provided and special diets will be honored - members need to provide lunch.

At SNACK*, individuals of ALL abilities are welcome including those with no diagnosis. ALL SNACK* activities are open to the general public.


Yoga at 10:00 AM

Music at 11:00 AM

Food Prep at 12:00 PM

Art at 1:00 PM

Exercise at 2:00 PM



Art at 10:00 AM

Exercise at 11:00 AM

Food Prep at 12:00 PM

Music at 1:00 PM

Yoga at 2:00 PM



Exercise at 10:00 AM

Yoga at 11:00 AM

Food Prep at 12:00 PM

Music at 1:00 PM

Art at 2:00 PM


Art Class focuses on the exploration of different theme-based projects allowing participants the opportunity to use different media, improve fine motor skills, and take pride in a finished project.


Taught by a personal trainer, the exercise class focuses on each individual’s physical strength in order to set and achieve individual goals.  The goal of this class is to stress the importance of daily exercise to achieve overall good health and wellness.


Food Prep

This class is designed to teach and maintain living skills including hygiene, nutrition, proper use of utensils, table manners, and introduce the opportunity to try new things. Members also take turns in setting the table, collecting dirty plates, and loading the dishwasher after they are finished eating.


With the guide of a music teacher, the members engage in creative musical experiences such as group improvisation, singing, songwriting, musical movement, and music-guided relaxation. While participating in group music making, the participants develop and maintain social, emotional and cognitive skills through the relationships they build with each other, their staff buddies, and the teacher.



Yoga Class teaches participants relaxation practices through guided poses and breathing techniques designed to help improve self-regulation. 



At SNACK*, individuals of ALL abilities are welcome including those with no diagnosis. ALL SNACK activities are open to the general public.


Accompanied by a Com Hab worker: $55.00 per class - 5 class minimum 

Unaccompanied (we provide 1:1 staff): $75.00 per class - 5 class minimum


*Class schedule based on each person's individual needs and availability. 


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