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Grace & Linda

Snack* Daughter & Parent 


Umzima & Brenda

Snack*  Daughter & Parent 


Steve & Harris

Snack* Parents


Barry & Jill

Snack* Parents



Snack* Parent 


Jackie Goldberg

Snack* Parent 

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Laurie Abramowitz

Snack* Parent 

“Five years ago, in the effort to allow Pierre to be a regular kid, our mother dragged him to SNACK* kicking and screaming. It was the only program that would “deal” with him. Today, Pierre can’t wait to go to SNACK* to have fun and see his friends.”

-Pierre’s Sisters


“My boys are strongly inclined to do their own thing, and spend much of their school days in individual instruction. Their peer skills and play skills are weak, weak, weak. In the time they have been attending SNACK* programs they have actually learned to enjoy certain activities because they are done with a group of friends.”

-Justin & Evan’s Mom


“We’ve signed up for the swim and the social skills snacktivities program and are so thankful we found SNACK*. The staff are wonderful and so warm! It’s like finding an extended family!”

-Rohan’s Mom


“My son, Sam, has been taking swim lessons with SNACK* for the past year and has made amazing progress. When he first started, he would mostly just stay in one place, bobbing in the water and engaging in self-stimulatory hand flapping and splashing. As of last week’s lesson, he was able to swim laps across the width of the pool for 35 minutes straight!”

-Sam’s Mom


“All of the instructors are patient, kind, and treat my son like any other child trying to learn a new skill. My son is having fun and we are enjoying watching him, it is one of the best days of the week for us! The positive feedback he is getting from the staff and from us is giving him a much needed confidence boost. We are so thankful to the staff at SNACK*!!!”

-Alex B.’s Mom


SNACK* has been a godsend for us. They provide a safe, fun, activity filled day for children with autism. This is the best program I ever spent money on.”

-Jimmy L.’s Dad


“My son has been swimming with SNACK* for seven years. Since children with Autism are attracted to water I considered swimming nothing more than a vital life skill. Surprisingly it turned out to be so much more! Not only does he love it, but he now competes as part of a team, doing something he’s good at out in the community. This is way beyond what I had anticipated.”

-Pierre’s Mom


“In my opinion, SNACK* is the finest after-school recreation center of its kind in New York, filling a void in George’s life, and that of many other children afflicted by autism and other disorders.”

-George’s Dad


SNACK* personnel have gone above and beyond to make our weekly session beneficial and enjoyable. Now my son’s typically developing twin sister joins in the swimming session, which is darling for us as they get to enjoy an activity together.”

-Max’s Mom


SNACK* is, quite simply, an amazing place for children with autism and for the parents of children with autism.”

-Grant’s Dad


“A year ago, my son’s ABA therapist recommended SNACK* for its structured activities, nurturing environment, and high ratio of skilled adult support. I took her advice and sent William to the SNACK*tivities holiday program during school break. His self-esteem soared, his behavior improved, and he was so successful that I have continued to send him to the after-school program at SNACK* as well as full-day programs during school breaks.”

-William’s Mom


“Our son Michael is enrolled in SNACK*S 1:1 swimming classes with skilled instructors and such quality programs are not easy to find. His swimming not only helps with fitness, but builds his self-esteem by encouraging him to take risks, and to set and achieve goals.”

-Michael C.’s Mom


“Ruby’s swim lesson on Sundays is hands down the happiest half hour of her week and once again we are grateful to the incredible staff at SNACK* for enriching Ruby’s life.”

-Ruby’s Mom


“At SNACK* no one ever has to feel that pain of rejection. Jackie Ceonzo and her staff have created an environment of inclusion and embracement, acceptance and love.”

-Dusty’s Mom


“Throughout the fall and winter I have volunteered at SNACK* on Fridays and Sundays to work with Dylan, his friends and the other great children there. It is really an amazing place and both the kids and the staff are very special people. It has been so rewarding for me to volunteer there this year.”

-Dylan’s Brother


“Kids on the spectrum spend so much 1-on-1 time with therapists. The staff is descended from heaven, dedicating their lives to these kids and supporting their relationships. The founder, Jackie, is a shining star in the autism community and is cherished by so many families! Every family with a child on the autism spectrum dreams of such a welcoming, warm, inclusive, non-judgmental place for their child to play, learn and grow.”

-Zac F.’s Mom


“Our 2 year-old daughter attends a play session on Sundays and she loves it. The staff are wonderfully attentive and I feel very comforted when she is in their care.”

-Ava’s Dad


“My son and I love going to SNACK*.  It’s like coming home.  It’s a place where everybody knows your name, you can talk about issues with educated people or you can just be yourself and feel safe.  We need more places like SNACK for our kids.”

-Jacob’s Mom


“My special needs son, had swim lessons, at various institutions, and with various instructors, but could not get over, his fear of the pool and getting his face wet in the water. Then we tried SNACK* for swimming instruction, and now he floats across the pool, and looks forward to his weekly lessons.”

-Aaron’s Dad

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