SNACK* would love to have YOU volunteer with us!

Volunteer Spotlight

Lucy Drayson

Lucy grew up in London and moved to the US to study biology and psychology at Connecticut College. She is a rising senior and worked at SNACK* for 10 weeks this summer. She helped with the kids whenever she could and worked with scheduling, programming and fundraising. "It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot from everyone at SNACK*. After I graduate I would like to continue my studies in psychology and possibly developmental psychology." We were so lucky to have Lucy on our team and could not imagine getting through the move this summer without her! She was a quick learner and helped SNACK* in every aspect of our organization, and for that we are grateful.

Daniel Shaw

Danny is eighteen years old and will be attending Wake Forest University in the Fall of 2014 with a possible major in Mathematics. He is one of five children, and has a twin brother Andrew who has autism and attends SNACK*. His interest in working at SNACK* began when he visited the program to watch his brother Andy in SNACK*tivities, loving every second of it. Danny was a huge help to us this summer working the front desk and being our right hand man on the weekends. "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will be sure to return for a visit to this special place that has been so welcoming to myself, to my brother, and to my family."

Emma Glennon

Emma  is a senior at Dominican Academy High School on the Upper East Side. Among other things, she is editor of her school's newspaper, and she hopes to pursue a similar position as a career in her future. Emma enjoys working at SNACK* because the program has been important to her and her family since its inception, and she is so glad that she can finally lend a helping hand. We are grateful to have Emma on board as she has been a tremendous help getting all of us at snack* and our new space organized after the move. 

Sam Dixon

Sam is thirteen years old and  volunteered at SNACK* for the past year. He was introduced to SNACK* by a fellow classmate and Jackie's son, Andrew Ceonzo. They were both eighth graders at Browning. Sam has since moved to New Jersey and will be attending Glen Ridge High school. He chose to begin his volunteer work as part of his bar mitzvah, but over the course of a year it has become something so much more. "When I work at SNACK* I feel myself transform into a better person. At school I was never the smartest or the most athletic, but at SNACK* I am the best version of myself and I love that feeling. I have created a bond with children and every time I see them I can't help but smile." We are sad to see Sam go but are so proud of him and will miss his smiling face and helping hand in the halls of SNACK*! He was a great addition to our SNACK* family and was always so eager to help and be a friend to our kids. 

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