William was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.  My wife and I didn't have any idea what autism was, but we knew something was not right with William. It was heartbreaking. I remember going to the playground and watching typical kids play and wondering if William will ever play like those kids.  With the addition of SNACK in our lives I think it will happen.

Since William has joined the SNACK program we have seen an enormous increase in his eye contact, speech, and attention span.   SNACK is like a second home for William.  The staff is excellent and they provide a 1:1 student to instructor ratio.

SNACK gives Michelle and me the opportunity to catch a movie or get some lunch while William is there.  SNACK has provided our family with a place of comfort and assures us that William, in due time will reach his goals.  We are asking for a small donation to keep SNACK going and keep all the kids smiling.

Thank You,

Michelle and William Hamilton