We discovered SNACK through one of Wyatt's therapists who had recommended it for swimming lessons.  While Wyatt loved the water, we knew how important it was that he learned how to swim. Within the first few minutes of his first lesson with SNACK, we knew we had found the best. The instructor took a very upset and unwilling Wyatt from my arms and proceeded as nothing was out of the ordinary. Each session thereafter got a little easier.  A feeling of excitement replaced his original feeling of fear.  In fact, there are times, now, when Wyatt does not want to get out of the pool once his lesson has finished!

We were so impressed by SNACK that we also signed Wyatt up for soccer this past spring. Again, we witnessed the same professionalism, passion and unconditional support from this extraordinary team of people. It is honestly one of the most heartwarming places and group of people we have come across on our journey with Wyatt. They are committed to improving the lives of special needs children and young adults. Whether it be teaching them to swim, participate in a group sport such as soccer or spending a few hours doing art projects, yoga or music, you can trust that your child is in exceptional hands. We are so fortunate to have found SNACK. 


-Eve and Phil

SNACK* & Friends, Inc.

316 E 53rd St

New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 439-9996

Fax: (212) 439-6665


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