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Our July Snacktivities Classes are held when schools are closed. Each hour long class is led by an individual trained in that particular discipline. Classes include music, art, yoga, technology, dance, cooking, and exercise. 

SNACK is a program that proudly accepts participants of all abilities. We believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow, and we are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all of our participants. If you are not currently enrolled, we encourage you to visit our Free Trial Class page to get started.

Summer 2024

July 1st - July 3rd
9am - 3pm


$85 per Hour/Class


$50 registration fee applies per semester

Class Schedules



In our technology classes, participants are given the opportunity to learn essential computer and technology skills, gaining a comprehensive understanding of fundamentals such as keyboarding/typing, word/spreadsheet processing, e-commerce, printing, and graphic design. Through the operations of our print shop, participants have the unique opportunity to blend creatively with digital skills by digitizing their artwork from art class and creating printed cards. Participants also engage in practical office skills, mastering tasks like inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging, shipping, and professional correspondence.



Our hands-on SNACK* Cooking Classes teach participants, regardless of skill level, how to properly use kitchen tools like whisks, safety knives, mixer/blender, etc. while also learning proper cutting/dicing, mixing, dry & liquid measuring, and safe food handling. Participants will discuss the tools, techniques, and ingredients needed for the class then complete a cooking or baking project following step-by-step recipes. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies or restrictions (vegetarian, keto, religious restrictions, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate. Our recipes are nut free.



Led by a certified personal trainer, our exercise classes consist of a dynamic mix of activities, such as obstacle courses, weight lifting, circuits, and fitness-inspired games. Specifically designed to make workouts enjoyable, these classes promote movement, boost lung capacity, and improve flexibility and balance.



SNACK* Art Classes encourage participants to express themselves, emphasizing creativity and experimentation through age-appropriate projects, themes, and skills. We will explore various materials and techniques – including watercolor, tempura/acrylic paint, colored pencils, clay, 3D sculptures, printmaking, and more. This class is open to everyone who loves art who wants to develop their skills and experiment with different art techniques and materials.



SNACK* Yoga class is open to all levels. Poses are explained in detail, and participants are given time to find comfort and ease in each posture. Sessions cover a variety of elements, including sun salutations, balancing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, basic breathing techniques, and more. Modifications are readily available, allowing participants to customize the class based on their needs and level. Each class concludes with a relaxing Savasana, providing a moment for participants to unwind and reflect. Join us for a rejuvenating yoga class that caters to all levels.



Led by skilled instructors, SNACK* Music Classes offer opportunities to explore instruments, singing, and more. Through drumming, singing, dancing & engaging in music-based games, participants develop fundamental rhythm skills including keeping beat, improvising, soloing, and playing in an ensemble. Singing is encouraged to develop listening, pitch-matching and language skills. Participation will improve coordination and develop a sense of musical timing, phrase and form, while also building your child’s musical literacy foundation.



Discover movement with SNACK* Dance Classes. Led by experienced instructors, our sessions cover ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and creative movement- suitable for all levels. Participants, whether starting their dance journey or with some experience, will build coordination, flexibility, and self-expression through fundamental techniques and expressive choreography. Join us for dynamic and inclusive dance sessions that celebrate the magic of movement.

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