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At SNACK*, we grow as our kids do, continuing to provide Fun, Friends, and Hope for all ages. All classes are designed to supplement an individual’s weekly schedule.

Snacktivities classes are structured so that individuals of all abilities are able to participate. Each class is led by an instructor trained in that particular discipline.​ Members will participate in a combination of classes that include but are not limited to music, art, exercise, yoga, dance, and cooking.

SNACK is a program that proudly accepts participants of all abilities. We believe that everyone has the potential to learn and grow, and we are committed to providing a supportive environment for all of our participants. If you are not currently enrolled, we encourage you to visit our Free Trial Class page to get started.

Winter 2024

1/2/2024 - 3/31/2024


$75 Per Hour/Class

$50 registration fee applies per semester


In an increasingly digital world, it’s important that participants master essential computer and technology skills. Members will learn about technology fundamentals through sampling a variety of applications, including keyboarding/typing, word/spreadsheet processing, e-commerce, social media, and marketing. Office tasks are also taught such as taking inventory, filling orders, packing/shipping, mailing letters, as well as the more traditional fundamentals of shredding, filing etc.


Taught by a personal trainer, the exercise class focuses on each individual’s physical strength in order to set and achieve individual goals. The goal of this class is to stress the importance of daily exercise to achieve overall good health and wellness.


Our Art Classes focus on collaborative theme-based projects, fostering creativity through the use of various media. Participants are encouraged to express themselves, taking pride in the completion of their unique projects.


​This class is designed to introduce participants to relaxation techniques, with a focus on enhancing physical well-being, mindfulness, and fostering a sense of balance.


This class is designed to increase and maintain everyday living skills. Nutrition, proper use of utensils, recipe following, table manners, hygiene, and the opportunity to try new things will occur. Special diets will be honored.


A blend of old favorites and specially crafted songs for SNACK*. Participate in instrument playing, group singing, and dynamic activities, fostering coordination and interpersonal skills.


Dance Class focuses on our participant's physical flexibility, balance, and agility through fun dance movements. Led by a professional dancer, participants are encouraged to express themselves independently through body movement.

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